Date :  September 09, 2017 (Sat. ) at 4:00PM  EST

Location : The Saving Bank Theater
Location inside :    Wakefield Memorial High School
Address : 60 Farm Street. Wakefield MA 01880

1. Everyone who entered the Dokdo History Essay competition is invited to the award ceremony.
2. Winners will be announced at a later date  and an awards ceremony will follow.
3. Winners must attend the award ceremony.  The 1st place award winners of each category MUST read his or her ENTIRE essay during the Award Ceremony.
4. All essay competition participants will receive gift (Dokdo souvenirs) at the award ceremony.
5. If you  join the Dokdo Dance (Dokdo Flashmob) at the awards ceremony,  special souvenirs are waiting  for participants ! (10 first-come-first-serve)
6. There will be complementary Korean food (Kimbab, Bulgogi, Japchae …etc.) after the award ceremony.